about me...Briellen McAlpine

Brie for short.

breather. yogi. meditator. healer. maker. dreamer. and a little bit of a rebel, in my own quiet way. I don’t always colour between the lines.


I am a dedicated breathworker, yogi, meditator, energy geek & healer.

But that is not all, I am also very much a creator of stuff, lover of our blue planet,  star gazer, dreamer, sometime farmer, dog lover and nature spirit.

I care deeply about making choices that support a better world for all of us; the connectedness of things is something I love to explore, experience and cultivate along with colour, form and new words ;)

For the past 15 years or so I have been uplifting and supporting people - and my gorgeous animals - with prana yoga & meditation, rebirthing & conscious breathwork, energy work (reiki) and sacred alignment sessions that can include neo-shamanic healing techniques, sound healing and light language alignment.  

My experience includes having shared 1000’s of yoga and meditation classes to people of all ages in group, corporate and private settings, as well as at Festivals, retreats and the family Christmas party.

[ I passed 800 hours of teaching in my first 2 years, and I am now in my 15th year of teaching ]

From my beginnings with Reiki (Reiki entered my life over 20 years ago; we are good together )  I moved into Hatha-Vinayasa teaching,  quickly followed by kids yoga (through the Radiant Child Yoga Program/RCYP)  and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga was the foundation of my training and experience in my yoga & meditation practice for well over 14 years.  

While I no longer consider myself a Kundalini Yogi or call my classes Kundalini Yoga, the practices and what I learnt there are close to my heart, forming the foundation of much of my teaching and self exploration.  

As my path takes another turn with me searching deeper, exploring wider I am currently diving deep into Rebirthing Beathwork aka Conscious Connected Breathwork,  exploring true Tantrik teachings, Somatics, Natural Movement and Biotensegrity.


My Yoga is not just asana or posture work – yoga means balance, and these teachings, my searching, healing and teaching work, is all about the exploration of balance and the journey home toward our natural state.

In RCYP and Kundalini Yoga, I trained to the level of teacher trainer.  In this role I trained hundreds of Kids Yoga Teachers through my Brisbane yoga studio (Spirit Rising Yoga), as well as  two groups of Kundalini Yoga Teachers with (Guru Dass Singh as Lead trainer), and then path began to shift.

In 2010 things began to diversify for me, I began working with Kerry Henwood, my primary teacher to this day, training in the art of Soul Retrieval, Angelic Shamanism and more recently the Language of Light. In 2017 I began another level of training with Kerry and Georgia Hovey, and am now a certified Conscious Breathwork Practitioner & Conscious Leader, expanding my knowledge and tools in rebirthing and the breath as a profound healing tool, and stepping into my own true leadership.

how did I get here?

Yoga first entered my life when I was a child through a funny little book that my sister and I found on the bookshelf. This book had us comparing Lotus poses and Uddiyana bhandas (or as we called it - tummy sucking).

After that came a painful, dramatic, and emotion driven teenage-hood (nothing unusual there!) that drove me deeper inside and spat me out into the world at large - which is still not always a comfortable place for me.  

A triple Pisces with a Sagittarius ascendant, I have always had a habit of feeling deeply and envisioning better worlds all at the same time. Staying with the so called harshness of reality is not somewhere I liked to hang out – which is probably why I was often told I was “too off with the faeries”. The status quo is not my jive, and despite an honours degree in Fashion and Textile Design, being fashionable doesn’t cut it for me either, I am just not that mainstream – but I probably made your eye pillow and my yoga pants. 


Thankfully, these days I am able to open to the difficulties of life, supported by my yoga and healing practices, which allows me to also encounter the true bliss.


Our greatest tool, our essential tool in this life here is our human body.

Learning to be in my body is my daily adventure,  accepting the world and ourselves as we are can be challenging in these (radical? crazy? stressed out?) times.

And so:  Breathwork. Embodiment. Yoga. Meditation. Healing.

Coming home to you. Bringing your Self to life.

My purpose here is to share the fruits of this journey with you, to help you to embody your spirit, and inspire your life from your heart and soul. To live your essence, to come to know what it is to live both your spirit and your humanity; with tools to light the path, techniques to find the way and connections that support you to be all that you are.

my path is at once eclectic and authentic…

Today, I consider my teaching to be a healing path, and my healing path to be that of a teacher.

In my searching and exploring I am always  reaching for the deepest truth, along with the best ways to keep that information and experience relevant  to our experiences and challenges here in today's world.

I am adept at blending the old and the new, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, and finding the patterns that run our lives.

I offer a space for you to explore your inner and outer worlds that is safe, authentic and considered. I run fast from the latest fad (that fashion design training means I smell one a mile off) but am always ready for  new techniques that are steeped in authenticity and real potential for impact. 

As a teacher, healer and guide,  my role is to support you in your  own experience, to empower you in your body, your mind and your spirit. Dogma we throw out the window, as we learn to use our intuition, to access the deep knowing in our body, in our cells and the language of our souls.

All that you need is within you. Techniques, and shared experiences are the keys to unlock and reveal your own deeper realities and the simple magic that is life.

These days, when I am not actively engaged in teaching or healing you might find me immersed in practise, knitting away, sewing up a storm or immersed in a (very deep) pile of breath-yoga-healing books.

It’s a busy life, that has me crossing the realities on a moment by moment basis, drinking of the bliss while I 'shovel the shit' and engage in the joy, effort and ease that is this life.breath

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
there is a field.
I will meet you there
— Rumi

interested in certifications??

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork/ Rebirthing with Kerry Henwood & Georgia Hovey (2017-8, and continuing)

  • Conscious Leadership Training with Kerry Henwood & Georgia Hovey (2018, and continuing)

  • Language of Light & Tibetan Pulsing -Kerry Henwood 2016.

  • Shamanic Practices training under Kerry Henwood 2010-Present

  • Reiki Levels 1,2 & 3 | Usui, Seichem & Karuna lineages 1996-1999

  • Sat Nam Rasayan Intro, 2012.

  • Kundalini Yoga - KRI Certified Level 1 (2004, New Mexico ) & 2 (2005 (Thailand) + 2006 (LA)),

  • Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainer Mentorship under Guru Dass Singh (2008-2010, completed)

  • Tantric Numerology/ Lifemap Guru Dass, 2010

  • Chakra Meridian Healing - Aftab Singh Khalsa 2006, 2008 & 2009.

  • Certified Facilitator RCYP under Shakta Kaur Khalsa, 2006 (prev)

  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 200 hr - Katie Manistas (2004)

  • Pre & Postnatal - Katie Manistas (2004)

  • RCYP (Radiant Child Yoga Program) Levels 1-3 (2003, 2005)

  • Bachelor of Design (Fashion & Textiles, Hons.) UTS, 1994